3 Reasons to Hire a Public Adjuster

You’ve received the first “volume” of documents from your insurance company after a hail storm destroyed several roofs of the apartment complex you run. One look at the documents and you’re already overwhelmed. This overwhelming feeling is understandable, but you can ditch that feeling with the help of a public adjuster. Let’s review three reasons everyone needs a public adjuster in their lives when claims are on the table.

Three Reasons to Hire a Public Adjuster

Insurance Claims Can be Cryptic and Complicated

If you’ve ever dealt with an insurance claim for your auto or personal home, you know insurance claims can be complicated matters. What’s ACV? What’s RCV? Is this the amount of money you’re receiving or is this the amount? And that’s for a personal claim. If you run a homeowner’s association (HOA) or multi-unit property like an apartment complex you’ll be up against a much more complicated document. Public adjusters deal with insurance claims every day so they can tackle your claim with efficiency and expertise.

Time is Money

The most basic saying in Economics 101 is “time is money.” Time spend pouring over insurance documents, and filing claims are time you can spend talking to your tenants, implementing a new beautification strategy, or going after new tenants. Every minute spent on a claim is a minute away from your home or complex, and insurance documents can potentially take hours. Instead of wasting this time seek the help of a public adjuster. Public adjusters are usually paid from a percentage of your claim, and your state may have regulations at what your adjuster is paid. Any reputable adjuster will give cost upfront so you can weigh time vs. cost benefit.

Get the Best Claim

You may have a keen eye but can you spot where your field adjuster missed a sizable part of damage? You may not be able to accurately analyze your insurance claim but the public adjuster can, it’s what they do. They can note if a field adjuster missed something off if you deserve more for a certain line item. This could save you, your home, or your property tens and possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars.

You need a reason to hire Colorado public adjusters? How about three reasons? A public adjuster will take care of your insurance claim efficiently and thoroughly, leaving you with an ally for insurance and more time to devote to yourself or property.